Regular course, standard enrollment (post-pilot)

Spring, 2018 -- Ivy Training Institute's Multiple Intelligences Introductory Course

Julie Viens, Ed.M., Instructor/Coach

In this course participants will learn to observe and document children's work and activity in the classroom. And, through reflection, sharing, and discussion, we will learn how careful observation helps us uncover children's interests and strengths. We will use multiple intelligences and this idea of personalized "tool kits" to talk about children's interests, their preferred ways of exploring and engaging in the world.

Conducting and documenting observations is a central practice in early childhood education.  We early childhood educators learn with and about our young learners so we can create and adapt the experiences and environments to the students we know in the classroom. Through observation-based insights, early childhood educators come to understand their young students as individuals, gather the raw material needed to create  learning environments and experiences that give students full access to their "MI tool kits"and, over time, allow children unfettered access to their multiple intelligences "tool kits."  

A goal at the heart of this course: Participants will recognize how children learn more deeply (and with joy) when they follow their own curiosities.