Laura Friedman & Sande Dawes, Lead Coach-Facilitators
Julie Viens, Coach-Facilitator, Instructional & Admin Support
Kerri Brann, Support Staff

In this course, teachers in the MII Teacher Certification (TC) Program continue to deepen their understanding of and experience with translating MI theory well and authentically in their own settings. Through course activities, and in conjunction with work they undertake in their own settings, participants build their understanding and repertoire of Keystones to MI Practice: those beliefs, values and practices that define an "MI" classroom or program.

Successful completion of the Teacher Practicum Course results in participants': deep understanding of MI and its implications for the classroom, and of the fundamental components-keystones-of an MI-based classroom; knowledge and repertoire of Keystone practices for their own settings; and, in combination with a successful on-site practicum experience, initial MI Teacher Certification.